What a Dick

I've been watching the Olympics on NBC for the past week, mainly because there is nothing else to watch and we've caught up on all of our DVR'd regular shows. Figure skating has sucked me in once again. Unfortunately NBC had the poor taste to hire Dick Button as a commentator for the sport yet again. This old coot is ruthless when he gets wound up. Not only does he point out even the hint of an imperfection in a performance, he lets us know about flaws in wardrobe, and even when the skaters are "too athletic" for his tastes. I actually heard him complain about a skater not tucking her laces inside of her skates, saying that it ruined the look of the entire package. Only Dick woud look closely enough to see skate laces. At least Scott Hamilton and Sandra Bezic try to keep him grounded in reality. I had to look up the winner of the Women's competition online because I couldn't stand to finish watching old Dick any longer tonight. I won't destroy it for those of you who are waiting to see the coverage unfold, but I'm sure Dick will destroy most of it for you anyway.

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