I'm finally starting to build my mileage again, and it feels pretty good. I'm closing in on 25 miles per week at an average pace of 9:00 minutes per mile (mpm). If I could force myself to lift weights or even remain consistent with an ab routine I think I would be in great shape. As it is, I have this fantasy that I will magically lose 5 pounds and all extra belly/hip/butt fat when I stop nursing infant. I can dream anyway, can't I? Anyway, I am gearing up to run the Get in Gear 10K at the end of April. I've run the GIG twice before, and never had a good race on the course, but then I've never had it as a goal race so to speak. I'd be thrilled with 55 minutes or less for the distance. I am trying to keep running fun and without too much pressure though, so ultimately I just want to feel like I gave it a good effort.

I had a nice 5.5 mile treadmill run this morning in around 50 minutes, watched Rachel Ray's 30 minute meal on the Food network and Curb Appeal on HGTV during the run. What does it say about me that I am watching a cooking show while running? I think it speaks mostly to the fact that we just have basic cable on the tv in front of the treadmill. I'd love to have the DVR down there, or even a DVD player and the entire collection of Alias to watch on DVD. The secret to treadmill running is to preoccupy your mind with television so you forget that you are running in place. You also need to put a towel over the treadmill display so you don't stare at the time s-l-o-w-l-y ticking away. Running outside is a completely different experience, but even then I need my MP3 player to distract myself while running. I am certainly not a simple runner, who just needs a pair of running shoes and some weather appropriate clothing, I like my gadgets.

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