Written Monday night...
Conversation with DH before bed last night:
DH: Weekends are harder than weekdays
Me: What?
DH: The kids are exhausting
Me: The kids are exhausting every day, but yes on the weekend we have to deal with them all day long.
DH: Good night.

So the conversation got me thinking, are weekends really harder than weekdays? The test came this morning, DH left for work just as I hopped into the shower this morning, the goblins were still asleep...lying in wait. Thankfully Infant woke up first, shot me a huge smile as she stood up in the crib, and made those nice little grunting noises to tell me she was happy to see me. She also ate without biting me (Biting), so the morning was starting off well. It was just too bad that Toddler woke up on the wrong side of my bed (of course he was sleeping horizontally across our bed with his feet buried in my chest, so I don't think side of the bed really applies). Toddler seemed content after just a few minutes of cuddling, we headed for the kitchen to get his daily Pop Tart, I poured him some milk, then all hell broke loose. I am not sure if the offense was that I filled the wrong sippy cup, that I filled the cup at all, or that it was filled with milk instead of juice. Toddler became Toddzilla when he saw the milk filled sippy cup on the kitchen counter, and proceeded to throw a monster tantrum, that he never really recovered from.

I somehow managed to force some clothes on Toddler despite his protests, in the process however Infant found said sippy cup and had spilled milk all over herself and the living room floor. I cleaned up the mess, then tried to console Toddler who was now asking for Madagascar. I had to explain to Toddler that we had naively ordered Madagascar as a Pay Per View movie, and it was no longer available to us without paying another $3.95...blank stare from Toddler. He continues to ask for Madagascar, and I find Seasame street on Digital Cable, he throws a bigger fit "I don't want that, I want Lion, and Zebra, and Piggy Bank." Didn't we just go over that buddy???, and what Piggy Bank are you talking about (I guess that he is confusing Toy Story with Madagascar now, but that is just too deep for a Monday morning). We find Winnie the Pooh on Disney Channel West, and Toddler is content enough to let me finish getting my stash of stuff out to the car (laptop, pump, Infant's milk for daycare, etc.), then Disney Channel has the gaul to show a commercial, Toddler starts accusing me of changing the channel without his knowledge or approval. I feel like screaming Calgon take me away!, but I know it would just be lost on my audience.

Somehow we all make it into the car, get to daycare, and even get into the front door of daycare. I must have made some horrible mistake at that point though, because Toddler refused to go downstairs (split entry house, daycare in the lower level). I get Infant situated in daycare, and come back for Toddler. I sit on the couch with Toddler for maybe 5 mintues trying to convince him that he will indeed have fun at daycare...

I make it to work, sip some coffee, and relax for just a moment before starting everything I need to get done for the day. I feel like I've already put in a full day, but in a lot of ways a workday is the worst of the kids. They do not like transitions, and workdays are days full of transitions for them. On weekends they never let up, but we get lots of quiet down time at home. I don't necessarily think that weekends are any harder than workdays, just different.

Must get some sleep, Tuesday will start all too soon.

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