I decided to make Valentine's Day cards for Toddler and Infant's daycare playmates. I realized that most of the kids would give him the store bought 25 cards for $1.99 variety, but felt above doing the same. I realize that the kids topping out at age 5, won't be impressed by homemade cards. They will be impressed with Sponge Bob and Dora cards though so I'm not sure why I felt compelled to make hand stamped cards. Anyway, I went on two separate treks to crafting stores to find a "Happy Valentine's Day" stamp, some new card stock, and some washable stamping ink pads (so Toddler could help). I'll fast forward to the actual card making so I don't bore everyone with the minutiae...Toddler helped for the first 2 cards or so, then I decided that even with washable ink pads he was too young to really help. He loved stamping, but just kept inking his hands, and stamping on inappropriate surfaces. DH chuckled at me, and asked me what was wrong with the store bought cards. The cards got handed out at daycare, but I'm sure they were quickly tossed aside since they were not attached to a piece of candy. Oh well, at least the other kids' parents had a nice laugh at the fact that I spent so much time making cards nobody cares about.

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