Sibling play

Infant and Toddler are sometimes just too cute for words. Watching them really start to play with each other tonight was absolutely amazing. Toddler did everything possible to get Infant to notice his every move. Infant followed Toddler around like a little puppy. Both of them giggled the entire time. It was a shame when they noticed that their father and I were watching them, because then they turned to us for entertainment. Sometimes I try to analyze how different Infant's first two years will be from Toddler's first two years. Toddler spent long stretches of time playing alone. He sat content in one place, playing with and chewing on various toys. Infant, is much more mobile than Toddler was at the same age. I wonder if she is mobile because she longs to get in on the action with her brother, or if she would have been the same if she were an only child. I suppose this gets into the whole Nature vs. Nurture debate, and I am far too tired to really delve into it further. I'm thrilled that my kids like each other at this stage, and I hope it lasts for a long time to come. I'm sure I am naive to believe that my kids won't fight the way my brother and I fought, but I hope it doesn't happen for many years to come.

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