This post will be short since I am typing it while attached to my fabulous Pump in Style. Just to dispel any myths that might exist (though I doubt there are any), pumping is in no way stylish. I've spent enough time pumping that I've had way too much to ponder how Medela came up with the name Pump in Style for their product. Perhaps it is to lull women into thinking that pumping is in fact stylish (though I'm sure they ultimately realize that their nipples need to be drawn through plastic tubes repeatedly in order to get the milk out), or maybe they are referring to the plain black case that is designed to *not* look like a breastpump. Any woman who has pumped even once knows unmistakably what is inside that black bag, and if she is no longer pumping for her children she will sigh a deep sigh of relief that it is someone else who needs to use the nasty contraption. Pumping in style is an oxymoron, it is impossible to maintain any sense of style while pumping. It is not for the faint of heart, and it is not for an audience. It does however, allow me to continue nursing my infant even though I am back at work, and that is the prize I keep in my mind whenever I start to dread another pumping break. I also thank my lucky stars for wireless internet access that allows me to web surf while pumping, and for the trashy magazines I would never have time to read otherwise.

I must get back to work, my milking session is over...just 5 oz, which makes 12 total for the day. I've pumped the equivalent of a can of soda, woo hoo! Pumping puts milk consumption in perspective for me. I agonize over even an ounce of ebm my infant doesn't eat, imagine how the cows feel when I dump my Toddler's unconsumed sippy cups full of milk down the drain. Poor cows, all that work, wasted.

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Dineen said...

So true! The worst part about having another child was hauling that darn "Stylish" backpack out of the closet for another go 'round. But, you should be very proud of yourself -- it will all be over soon!