Road trip

DH went away for the weekend so I decided to take the kids to go visit their Grandparents (my Dad and Step-Mom) a 2.5 hour drive. Toddler was excited about seeing Grandma and Grandpa and Max (their dog), Infant needed a nap and I had my fingers crossed that she would sleep through the entire drive. The trip started off well. Toddler was pointing out trucks to me, and repeating the question "are we going to Grandma and Grandpa's house?" Approximately 20 mintues from home I realize I've left my wallet at home. I don't have enough gas in the car to make it to my Dad's house, so I have to turn around to get my wallet. As we pull into our driveway, Toddler asks if we are at Grandma and Grandpa's house, despite the fact that I've repeatedly told him that I need to get my wallet at home. No, buddy Mommy just forgot something at home...I'm irritated at myself and briefly consider just calling the trip off and staying home, but we go anyway.

We stop for gas just north of the metro area, and as the car slows Infant wakes up. I guess the hum of the car was keeping her asleep, but when it is gone she thinks her nap is over. For some reason I didn't take this opportunity to put sun shades on the rear windows, Infant protests wildly because the sun is in her face as a result. The rest of the trip was a blurr of trying to throw toys at children while driving, and hoping they would remain happy, Infant crying, and Toddler demanding things he had dropped on the floor. We stopped one more time en route, mainly so Infant could nurse, but it was a good opportunity to pick up stray toys and attach sunshades to the windows...of course I forgot about the sunshades again. Honestly I think being a Mom has deleted part of my short-term memory.

We made it to my Dad's house finally, and I vowed to be better prepared with toys and distractions for the drive home. I almost left my cell phone on the return trip, but thankfully my Step-Mom ran it out to me before I drove off. The kids slept through at least 2 hours of the return trip, it was MUCH easier.

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Jennifer said...

See, it's reasons like this why I don't drive. As the passenger, I can turn around and distract the kidlets. Glad you had a good weekend once it got underway