Is it wrong to bribe your child with candy to get him to do something you want? DH and I agree that we shouldn't use this tactic, however I often end up doing it anyway. This morning Toddler asked me for candy fish (I foolishly bought a bag of Swedish Fish at Ikea) almost immediately upon setting foot downstairs. I told him no, and offered him a Pop Tart instead (yes I realize that Pop Tarts probably have more sugar/calories than a few Swedish Fish, but it is the principle). He refused the Pop Tart, saying "I don't like Strawberry." I managed to ignore the ensuing tantrum, and felt proud of myself for not caving in. Of course less than 10 minutes later, when he was dragging his feet getting ready to leave for daycare I offered him candy fish if he would get in the car. Yes, I am weak, but he was amazingly happy during the ride to daycare.

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