I am still breastfeeding infant, and for the most part I enjoy doing it. Frankly nursing her is much more conveinient than bottle feeding her brother was, and this way we don't have to wash bottles. We don't have to bring food for her when we go out on weekends (aside from a small bowl full of Cheerios we use to distract her at restaurants), because her milk supply just comes along with me. Anyway, I had no plans to wean her until after she turned a year, and we both felt ready to stop. However, infant recently discovered that her new bottom teeth can be used to get a reaction out of me. I've discovered that being bit on the nipple is quite painful. I'm trying various techniques to get her to stop biting me, but if we can't figure it out soon I think we might wean earlier than planned. I would love the side benefit of not having to pump at work anymore, but I would hate having to wash bottles and buy formula. Tough decsions, especially since I worked so hard to breastfeed her brother and never had much luck. I feel lucky that infant has breastfeed as long as she has, and just hope that maybe some of the tips I found here help us through this painful stage without too much bloodshed.

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Jennifer said...

I hope you're able to find a solution.