Dinner without kids

DH had a birthday on Friday, and as a gift to him I arranged for a babysitter Saturday night. I'm almost ashamed to admit that it was the first time we had gone out without the kids since Toddler was born (no I don't mean Infant). When we trained for the marathon together we had friends watch Toddler on one or two occasions, and we have taken advantage of our daycare provider's generosity to keep the kids late a couple of times. However, this was the first time we set out specifically to enjoy some couple time. I was a bit nervous about leaving the urchins, but they did just fine with the babysitter who they know very well.

Dinner was nice. I'd forgotten how easy a dinner out could be. We didn't have to entertain our children while waiting for our table, we even sat at the bar and had some beer (shhh don't tell infant her milk supply was likely tainted) and just talked. I ordered salmon, which I wouldn't normally do when I need to share my meal with Toddler. I ate my salad, and got to eat all of the croutons myself, it was almost like a guilty pleasure. The conversation did involve talking about the kids, but they weren't our only topic. All in all it was nice. DH and I definitely need to do this more often.

Perhaps next time we will be adventurous enough to stay out past 8 pm.

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