Oh I'd never let MY kids do that...

Okay fess up. What horrible things do you allow your kids to do, that in your pre-kid days you swore up and down that you would never allow? For me it has to be the huge bins filled with toys. I remember going to friends' houses who had kids and being absolutely disgusted by the vast quantity of cheap crappy toys that resided in the toy bins. I remember telling T that "we won't get happy meal toys for our kids, because there is no need to have all of those stupid little crappy toys all over the place." Ha!

Well we don't get happy meals for our kids, actually we only very rarely eat fast food as a family (I'm fairly sure that T on occasion eats fast food for lunch), but we do have vast quantities of little crappy toys scattered all throughout our house. We have two Rubbermaid bins full, we have a little car shaped storage bin device in The Boy's room, and we have an entire series of bins in The Girl's room all filled with crap. Oh, some of it isn't really crap, but the net effect in the house is that it looks like we never weed through our children's toys (which admittedly we don't do all that often). Turns out it is easier to have bins filled with crap if you want to be able to see your floors on occasion.

So what is your biggest back-track parenting wise? I'm tagging a few of my friends just to see if they will play along. Tell me PDX Mama, Christine, Kate, Jennifer, Lawyer Mama, and whomever else wants to play along, have you let your houses become disorganized toy stores too? If not, what do you do that you told yourself you would never do?

When I get a moment I will add pictures to this post, although I'd guess you can all pretty easily get a mental picture of the toy craziness.


Christine said...

Oh, my, Heather...where do I start?!?!? I think I am going need some visual aids for this one as well. This might take me a couple of days to work into a post.

For now I'll just admit that I am letting my kids watch TV while I'm online.

Thanks for the tag!

Jennifer aka Binky Bitch said...

I didn't understand how kids could have THAT many toys.

Now, I still don't know, but we I do know we have too many toys. It drives me crazy!

Leslie said...

Hey, I may not have toy chaos (currently, but I agree that it is going to be inevitable when he can "tell the difference" and "tell me about it"), but the Classic Rock Baby has some pretty badly coping parents at times ;-)