New batteries please

The Fisher Price Aquarium (I had a picture of it here), get your minds out of the gutter! I'm sitting here listening to the horrid sound of the FP crib aquarium through the muffled sound of the baby monitor, and it is making me cringe. Eventually the monitor will declare the aquarium chirps and bubbles to be "background noise" and it will go back to quiet, but for now I'm stuck listening to the wacky sound of the aquarium when it is low on batteries. Funny that is just gets slow then speeds up again, almost like you are playing with the speed setting on a turntable...do people still remember those?

4 D batteries lie in wait, but we can't disturb the evening routine once it has begun...perhaps tomorrow night she will have an aquarium that actually emits some light and has recognizable tunes, but for now we suffer.

I swear that aquarium was the best baby gift we registered for and received...if only they made a plug in version so we didn't have to keep paying it with batteries. FP Aquarium = baby crack = toddler crack = preschoolers just like to turn it on and off again repeatedly when they somehow manage to climb into their little sisters' cribs.


Leslie said...

The other day CRB managed to climb up (!!) and change the song by pressing the buttons on the top. I, in my mommy daze, had forgotten that his new one has all sorts of different sound profiles. We had just been using the same one for months. Good thing CRB can help out his parents.

Kathryn said...

I'm so embarrassed to admit that Henry *still* has his attached to the headboard of his bed (it's metal bars, so it still works). He just loves twinkle twinkle little star. I think it really does soothe him. I'm sure at some point he'll be horrified to have a BABY thing attached to his bed and he'll reject it, but until then, I figure anything that makes him go to sleep is a good thing. ;)