They should be in pictures

I realize that I haven't shared many pictures of my children on this blog. In the beginning that was mainly because I figured most of my readers knew me from the message boards I frequented, and saw enough of my kids in signature pictures. There was also a bit of laziness at play. Anyway these are my favorite recent pictures of the kids:
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The Boy looking thoughtfully at the snow
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The Girl begging me to help her fix her mittens

I swear sometimes I just have to look at their pictures and my heart feels like it might explode with love. This motherhood thing is amazing.


Lawyer Mama said...

What cute kids you have.

Thank you the kind words on my blog and I agree, this motherhood thing IS amazing!

darbnmik said...

great pictures! i can't believe how big they've gotten. we miss you!

Heather said...

Hey Kim! I miss you guys too. I really can't fit in another message board in my life though. A little birdie told me about Shell's Mom though and if you could pass along my condolences I would greatly appreciate it.