Slow down there sweetie

A few weeks ago I was getting dressed in the morning and The Girl woke up (she was in our bed) to find me in the process of getting dressed. I was wearing pants but hadn’t yet decided on a shirt so I was roaming around with just a bra on top. The Girl was fascinated. She pointed at my bra and asked “Wha zat?” I told her what it was, and she begged to be picked up so she could have a closer look. She touched it, she peered inside and asked me what the contents were, and just generally became very familiar with the concept. Then she tried to get it away from me. I explained that this was in fact, Mommy’s bra, which she didn’t seem to like but eventually accepted. She then asked “Where my ba?” Well who am I to resist her little head tilt and arms raised up in question, so I riffled through my drawer and handed her one of my old worn out bras. She didn’t want it though. I suspect it was because the one I gave her wasn’t formed at all, and just wasn’t as interesting to play with. She persisted, so I found the bra I’d worn the previous day and handed it to her. She was thrilled. She then asked me to help her put it on. I didn’t want to help her, but I just couldn’t stop myself. Of course the bra was far too big around on her, but she still walked around for a good 2 minutes saying “My ba.” DH rolled his eyes at me, but I know he thought it was funny.

Now I have to hurry every time I change clothes so I can keep her from seeing my bra. If she sees mine she gets very pissy when I don’t produce the “My ba” for her again. We tested her knowledge at Target the other day. We were walking past the lingerie department and she went nuts when we past the bras. She got very excited and started pointing and saying “ba, ba, ba!” Thankfully other people probably just presume she is doing her fabulous sheep imitation.

The last time she modeled her “My ba” around for me I pulled her aside and informed her that she has a good 8 years before she really needs one, and perhaps she could just forget about them for now. She just smiled at me. I don’t even want to think about my baby being old enough to need a bra. Slow down there sweetie, and play with my shoes instead, that doesn’t give me the same heart stopping reaction.

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