Cutting myself off

I am addicted to mindlessly surfing the web after my children go to sleep. I read up on the three message boards I frequent, then I rotate through them again in search of more new posts, then I search through them again, etc., then I read a few blogs, then I check my home email account which only ever gets spam, just to have the pleasure of deleting it. I've recently come to the conclusion that this adds little value to my life. I'm not saying that I'm going to stop doing it, just that I have come up with a cut-off time for internet usage each night.

Last week I tried implementing a 9 PM cutoff time, and it works pretty well. DH and I actually had a good conversation one of those nights because I wasn't off in the office while he was in the living room (on his laptop). Of course the conversation resulted in me saying that I would help more with the great basement remodel projects. He has been pressing me each and every day since then, and it turns out that I just don't want to help with those projects. I always assumed he liked doing them, but it turns out he would rather do almost anything else instead too. Strange. Perhaps this internet cutoff plan is bad. I could have lived in bliss that he enjoyed sanding and staining doors, but now I have to live with the knowledge that he is suffering for our family's future basement enjoying pleasure. I suppose I could suck it up and help sand and stain. Best case, he mocks my skills and I get to go back into my slacker domain, worst case is that I get stuck helping indefinitely. Have I mentioned that I do all of the laundry for the family every Sunday? Yes, that is 6-7 loads of laundry every Sunday. I just had to throw that in there, in case you were feeling sorry for my DH.

Yes, I realize this was posted after 9 PM.


Jennifer said...

I've had to limit my after hours internet time too and I'm feeling the loss.

As we get ready for our basement remodel Susan has been complaining that she's stuck in the basement every night sorting through stuff. I've offered to switch places with her. I'll be happy to go down to the child-free zone and toss our her junk while she stays upstairs and wrangles the kidlets.

She hasn't taken me up on my offer and she's become strangely silent about complaining.....

Lawyer Mama said...

I have the same problem. I *try* not to just browse around after 9, I can only work on posts after 9. So far, I'm not doing so hot.