Starvation mode?

I’m still carrying around an extra 5 pounds of “baby weight” and it is starting to really bother me. The change of seasons has forced me to break out my shorts and Capri pants only to find out that they don’t fit. Ugh. My “fat” shorts do in fact fit, but the ones I actually like do not. So last week I finally started following my tried and true self-enforced Weight Watchers plan. I have yet to do my weekly weigh in, but I have weighed myself a few times this week only to find a gain of 2 pounds and most recently no change at all. This makes me extremely frustrated. I know WW works well, having used it more than once to lose weight, and I am pretty darn good at counting points now with the help of an Excel spreadsheet I made (with a little help from DH…okay he mostly made it with a little instruction from me). I’m not even trying to get to my real goal weight which is 10 pounds less than I weigh now, simply because I don’t think it is realistic while I am still nursing Infant. I hate that these last 5 pounds just seem glued to my hips and thighs.

I know I am being hard on myself, I can wear a size 6 off the rack in most stores right now. However, that is only due to size inflation…my 5-6 year old size 6 stuff is the reason I feel compelled to lose this weight as it is too tight. Is it so much for someone who runs 5 days/20-25 miles per week to be able to lose 5 pounds? I’m not even eating crazy foods or snacking inappropriately. Other people tell me that since I am nursing and running my body is going into starvation mode and is holding onto all of the fat it has. Apparently my body hasn’t gotten the message that it is not going to starve, and that those extra 5 pounds are just ugly and serve no real purpose. If it wants to hold onto extra fat I just wish it could be deposited in my breasts rather than on my hips. I’m going to continue following my nursing modified WW program for another week. If I fail to lose a pound or more I will likely just give up until I quit nursing.

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