Both Infant and Toddler have birthdays coming up in the near future, so I've been racking my brain for gift ideas. I took a quick tour of their closets and found that Infant could easily go 3+ weeks without a repeated outfit, so that was no help to me (other than making me walk quickly by the cute cute kids clothes at Nordstroms today). A tour of Toddlers dresser and closet revealed a serious lacking for pants that are long enough for him, and no summer weight pajamas to speak of. It is just too bad that the Grandparents aren't going to want to give the boy *clothing* for his birthday, so I suppose that is up to me. Honestly I can't blame them after witnessing his reaction to clothing at Christmas (really should have videotaped the quick throws over his shoulder). A quick tour of the basement revealed a multitude of toys that can be new again to Toddler and would be completely new to Infant. At the suggestion from a friend I am actually considering wrapping up some of the old toys for Infant to open. The Grandparents will give me endless shit about doing so, but they can't deny the fact that my house is quickly becoming a plastic palace. If we get any more ride on toys or play sets I think we will have to start grinding down plastic to make me feel better about the effect on the environment. I still have no clue what to buy the kids...am open to suggestions!

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