Phone phobia

DH and I have lots of plans for things we would like to improve around the house. We talk a good game, but never end up actually calling to schedule any sort of appointments. I recently subscribed to Angie's List, so I could get good sources of "pre-screened" contractors easily. I proudly showed the information to DH, who then lamented that unfortunately we still have to call the people. He said that what we need is for someone to actually call the contractors to set up appointments for us. He has a good point. Why is it so incredibly hard to pick up the phone and make appointments? It isn't as though we even want to find the best deal, just a deal, we are just too lazy to do it. Of course, my entrepreneurial brain set to work to come up with a business idea to deal with this realization. I could become a virtual personal shopper for all things service/repair/contracting related for others. I am willing to bet that there is a market for such a service...of course it would have to be easily accessible through email so calling me to help didn't encounter the same roadblock.

Why is it that the thought of doing this for others sounds so appealing, but I still can't manage to call anyone for our own needs?

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