Of Barf and Bowel Movements

How is that for a title huh? Infant has been sick since last Wednesday evening. She has been puking on and pooping through her outfits and mine several times per day. We brought her to the pediatrician on Friday, and were given the diagnosis of Rotavirus. I guess the virus just needs to run its course, and we just need to make sure she stays hydrated. We tried giving her Pedialyte, but she acted as though we were poisoning her with the “fruit flavored” variety. We had some luck by making Pedialyte ice cubes and putting them inside of the little mesh self-feeder for her to suck on. Otherwise the little monster just wants to nurse and then barf it back up on me. She seemed like she was on the path to recovery on Sunday, and was well enough for daycare on Monday so we thought we were in the clear. Unfortunately the princess of puke projectile vomited all over herself and me just before we were headed out the door this morning. Thankfully I have enough flexibility to work from home, but I’m finding it pretty hard to type on the laptop with Infant trying to get in on the action.

It is amazing how quickly your puke and poop tolerance increases. The first time I was puked on I was disgusted, had to take a shower immediately afterwards. The second time I was puked on I also showered, but not until everything had been cleaned up. When I was puked on this morning I changed her clothes and mine, and then got dressed again. Yes, I am sure I still have some lingering puke smell on me, but since I am working from home who is going to notice? As for poop, well I have a high threshold for nasty poop already since I have been changing Toddler’s diapers for over 2.5 years.

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Jennifer said...

I don't ever want to get that used to puke. Thankfully mine seem to have problems with one end only.