Happy Birthday to ME!

I have now reached the ripe age of 32. How is it possible that I am 32? I refuse to say 32 sounds old, because I know I am not old, but I remember thinking 32 was old at one point in my youth. I remember my parents hosting a surprise party for a friend of theirs who shared the same birthday with me. He was turning 31, so it was his “Golden” birthday party. It was a big production. I don’t remember his name, or even who he was, just that I should expect some big production on my Golden birthday which seemed forever away. Last year I had my golden birthday, and it passed with very little fanfare. DH bought me a card from Toddler and Infant (who was still in utero at that point), and a good friend of mine came out to dinner with us. I got the standard greeting cards from in-laws, parents, etc., but there was certainly no big production. I’m trying to remember when my birthdays stopped being fun. I recall having birthday celebrations with my friends and family, and being made to feel very special. I think all of that ended when I moved in with DH. While I love him to death, he sucks at celebrations. Perhaps I haven’t forced the issue enough (or at all), but aside from a gift and a thoughtful note in a card he doesn’t do birthdays.

I don’t expect much from him tonight. He did say happy birthday to me as he departed for work this morning, so he isn’t clueless. He will blame his lack of gifts on the fact that I am picky and ungrateful when I get gifts. Sadly he does have a point, as on more than one occasion I have been less than nice about gifts he has given me (you should have seen the fish/waterfall candle…yes I could have been more tactful). I actually used my birthday to try to force Toddler to come upstairs to brush his teeth this morning. I told him he had to be nice to me on my birthday, it is just too bad he didn’t buy it. He just started in about how his birthday will be next (even though I reminded him that Infant’s birthday actually comes next), and that there will be presents and balloons. I guess my birthday isn’t too exciting for him unless he gets to open and keep my presents.

Oh well, at least my Mom knows how to treat me right. We just returned from a week-long trip to visit her (hence no blog entries here). She did in fact bake me a birthday cake, give me a new pair of earrings, and a wonderful card. I should remember that when I am buying something for her birthday…give good birthday gifts to people who treat you nice on yours, give lumps of coal to those who don’t.

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