Extended Calves

I've never liked that term. I am the proud owner of big old muscular calves. Even if managed to shrink from my current size 6 frame I would still be the proud owner of big old muscular calves. It is a blessing and a curse. For the most part I don't mind my calves, they are what they are, and I don't put much thought into wishing they were smaller. The one exception is when I see someone wearing big tall boots. I get a little twinge of envy. I start remembering the shopping trip with my two girlfriends to find me a pair of tall boots.
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I didn't buy any boots that day. I must have tried on at least 10 pairs of boots, but none of them fit over my monstrous calves. I was deflated. I wanted my slut boots, but the gods were telling me to go back home and forget about it.

Oh sure I could have just ordered a nice pair of Extended Calf boots, because at that point I couldn't find any such animal in the stores. I didn't want to buy boots by mail order, I wanted to try them on first. It was a huge buzz kill. I wanted those boots, was convinced I needed them, but was left with a horrible taste in my mouth when I couldn't find any that fit.

Now it is at least 6 or maybe 7 years later and I still don't have any slut boots. I still want some. I think I've gotten over the extended calf name now, and can live with the fact that I can't fit into normal boots. What I really want to know is do the rest of you really have calves that are so tiny??? I mean my calves aren't that big. Do you have trouble standing for long periods of time? I mean obviously I must need that chunk of muscle for something, so what is my genetic advantage doing for me? It must be an advantage right?


InTheFastLane said...

Hum...I don't at all have big calves. And I am looking to buy me some boots just like that this winter. But, I do have to say that sometimes I get socks that are so dang tight and I wonder who they heck they fit. Because my calves are pretty thing to begin with.

Katie Fries said...

Sigh. I, too, love the look of tall boots, but on my short little legs they look absolutely ridiculous.

jennifer said...

You may have extended calves, I have extended thighs. Sigh.

Jennifer, Le Binky Bitch

Jennifer said...

I can't get a pair of boots to go over my calves either. It was like that when I was a size 6 and when I was a size 16...and every size in between. You are not alone.