Oh, I'm supposed to be opposed to this

I got an annoying forwarded email from one of our neighborhood watch block captains the other day. I normally would have just deleted it without a second thought, but somewhere in the first few lines was the mention of Super Target. I was intrigued. Of course the gist of the email was that we were supposed to be opposed to this monstrosity that could perhaps one day be built 2.5 miles from our homes. Of course there already is a Target about 3-4 miles from our homes, but it isn't Super. It is just your standard old Target. The problem with the proposed site it seems is that the only access roads are already congested, and more traffic to the area would not be appreciated. I tried to be indignant. I tried to be against it, but I just can't. I love Target, and the thought of a Target that is running distance from my house is almost too good to be true.

So should I go to the community feedback meeting to rally for the city to rezone the area to retail? I don't drive that way all that often anyway, so it isn't like it would affect me daily. Right, right, I'm supposed to be opposed to this proposal. I mean we have a Target 4 miles to our North, and one 9 or so miles to our South, another 6 miles to the North, and well lots more to the east and west. We aren't lacking any Targets, and two of those I just detailed are currently closed as they transform to Super Targets. Do we really need more Targets? What is the ideal number of Target stores per square mile anyway? We are very under-Walmarted in our metro area, I think Target is just trying to keep it that way. I would certainly rather have a new Target than a new Walmart.

Maybe I'll just forward the email to a few other people and forget all about it. Yes, that is more likely, or just delete it without forwarding. Case closed.


Katie Fries said...

Look at it this way: it's good for the environment. You can run there, or cut 6-8 miles off of your current Target drive.

Jennifer said...

It would also be good for your budget because you won't be able to buy as much if you have to carry it home after your run.

PDX Mama said...

I love Target. I'd be all over a Super Target (we have none in our area that I know of). I think the first Super Target I ever went to was in Grand Forks. Best thing about Grand Forks (other than my family, of course) :-)