Alarm clock

2:43 AM – loud screams heard from The Girl’s room
2:44 AM – decide T isn’t going to get up in time to stop The Girl from waking up The Boy, so I go get her from her prison crib
2:45 AM – settle back into bed and fall asleep (The Girl close beside me)
Unknown too BF early time – Wake to the feeling of someone breathing on my face
Still unknown too BF early time – Pretend I don’t feel the breathing that is coming from the edge of the bed where no person should be standing
4:29 AM – Tell The Boy to just climb up in bed already
4:30 AM – fall back asleep
5:29 AM – wake up for no apparent reason
5:29:55 AM – turn off alarm clock so as not to wake the two sleeping children to my left
5:33 AM – Wake to T’s alarm clock
5:34 AM – get out of bed and head to the bathroom to change into running clothes
5:35 AM – Emerge from bathroom to find The Girl is missing from the bed
5:35:01 AM – Find The Girl trying to affix the toilet insert seat onto the toilet (seat left up by The Boy)
5:35:45 AM – Listen to The Girl tell me “My need go toy-et”
5:36 AM – Change The Girl’s diaper
5:37 AM – Briefly consider just forgetting my run and sleeping in with the kids
5:37:22 AM – The Boy wakes up, and both children start whining at the prospect of me leaving for a run
5:38 AM – Turn on Disney Channel, shut the gate at the top of stairs, and leave for my run, T will wake up eventually


Leslie said...

Now THAT is commitment.

Jennifer said...

Get out while the gettings good. I hope you enjoyed your run.

Katie Fries said...

Some days, just getting out there is a victory.

PDX Mama said...

Good for you!

Jennifer Playgroupie said...

I'm going to need some of your dedication to rub off on me. I'm a slug right now.