The laughable links

I use gmail for my personal email. I like being able to read them at work, but not have them tied to my work email account for various reasons. Mostly gmail is wonderful; however, the suggested links sometimes drive me crazy.

Apparently I have been discussing something with someone on my contact list that would suggest I am interested in pursuing a nursing degree:
School of Nursing
Traditional BSN & ADN Program Openings for 2007 class
-link removed so I don’t advertise something I don’t care about

I’ve been talking about my kids:
Parenting advice
For happy children and parents Learn from experts about all ages
-Another link removed so I don’t advertise something I don’t care about

No idea here, apparently I’ve been really concerned about the privacy of my medical records:
HIPAA-Compliant Laptops
SafeBook Thin Client Notebook $799 No hard drive - protects your data
-Another link removed so I don’t advertise something I don’t care about

Not only do I talk about my kids, but I guess I’ve been considering starting a business that targets kids:
Several Kids Franchises
Choose from the Top Childrens Franchise That Fit Your Need!
-Another link removed so I don’t advertise something I don’t care about

And well, these are just disturbing. I don’t know where the animal health care topic came from, but the bariatric surgery ones are just insulting. I think I may have mentioned running in my emails, apparently if you are considering some form of exercise you should also explore surgically altering the size of your stomach.

More about...
Animal Health Care »
My state Bariatric Surgery »
Bariatric Treatment »
My state Bariatric Surgeons »

I’ve also had a slew of kitchen renovation related links, and some links inviting me to put my kids in cute kid contests. My favorite link so far is the one directing me to a book called “Why Mommy Is a Democrat.” Yes, well, I didn’t realize we needed a children’s book to explain that one. I haven’t read it, and I assume it is a fine publication eschewing the virtues of being a democrat. I’m also sure it would not be the book The Boy chooses to read every night. I doubt I would be able to read it without laughing. Honestly, I hope that more than anything else my kids are able to look at issues and come up with their own viewpoints. I have no intention of telling my children they should be democrats. Obviously I won’t tell them to be republicans either, but you get the drift.

I’ll keep typing away, adding all the more searchable keywords to my repertoire every day. Maybe one day my gmail links will be as freakishly accurate as my Amazon links are. Seriously, how do they know to recommend music CDs I already own and love (and didn’t buy on Amazon)? They have some wicked good profiling going on in there.


Lawyer Mama said...

LOL! I've gotten the "Why Mommy is a Democrat" recommendation before too.

Leslie said...

hey I am going to start paying more attention to the gmail ads!

Anonymous said...

Heather, a co-worker of mine who shares the my political views bought "Why Mommy Is a Democrat" for me. It's very funny to liberals, but not actually meant for children. Each page says something like, "Democrats make sure everyone always has something to eat, just like Mommy does," ... or "Democrats make sure everyone is treated fairly, just like Mommy does," with illustrations that further hammer home the point.