I just didn't want feet

Last night after the kids had been in bed for close to an hour, and DH and I were both sitting in the living room watching the DVR’d episode of The Office, we heard footsteps upstairs. Then we saw the hall light flick on, and then the bathroom light turned on, and of course we heard The Boy going potty. He is fairly self-sufficient when he needs to be, but I figured the bathroom visit would require at least some intervention from me. DH told me to leave him alone, but I couldn’t resist. The lights had turned off, and it sounded like he had made his way back to bed, but I needed to check. I went upstairs and found The Boy under his covers and completely naked. I went to the bathroom to look for his wayward pajamas, but didn’t see them. I also didn’t see his pajamas on the floor of his bedroom, so I was a bit confused. I asked him where his pjs were, and he responded that he “just wanted Buzz Lightyear.” He has a pair of Buzz Lightyear pjs, so I figured he just wanted to change, why he was in bed naked I have no idea. It still didn’t explain the absence of the pjs he was wearing at bedtime. Eventually he pointed me to his dresser drawer, where I found his discarded pjs, right next to the Buzz Lightyear jammies. The mystery was where his underwear had gone, he eventually pointed me to the pants drawer of his dresser, and there were his bright orange Diego underwear safe and sound.

He had been wearing footed pajamas, and he explained to me that he “didn’t want feet.” I helped him get dressed in his Buzz Lightyear pajamas, tucked him back in and he went to sleep. This was the second time this week he had gotten out of bed to change out of his footed pajamas. The last time, I found him in the morning wearing mismatched pajamas, and he told me “I just didn’t want feet.” I suppose I should take the hint already and put the footed-too-small pajamas in the outgrown bin. DH and I had a pretty good laugh about our naked boy. I can only imagine what is going on in his head, but it is so entertaining to witness the results of his mind spinning around!

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