Is it spring yet?

January is almost over, which means February is about to begin, yippee! Oh wait, what does the start of February mean? That’s right, not much at all. Another 4 weeks until we get to March, which can still be frigid here in the frozen tundra, but just sounds like spring. I can’t believe I actually posted in December about it being too warm, what was I thinking? That is seasonal amnesia for you. My treadmill is getting quite a workout lately, as this weather wimp is opting for every run on the good old TM rather than braving the frigid outdoor air. Still the thought of spring keeps creeping into my mind, and I keep plugging away on the TM so I will be ready to run outside when it warms up again. I need to find a new goal race to aim towards, perhaps a late spring half marathon?

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Meena said...

So lots of snow now?

I'm ready for Spring too. Hoping that will bring an end to the endless viruses infecting the family.

I'm thinking about doing a race too. 1/2 marathon will need to wait for some time, but I'm thinking a 5K in the late spring and a 10K in the last summer. We'll see. Kind of fun to have a goal to work toward!