How did that happen?

This is a little premature but…I was reading Mom 101 this morning, her non-Blogiversary occurred today. It got me thinking about how old my blog is, and damned if I wasn’t surprised to find that my humble little blog will be one year old tomorrow. It is hard to believe that for some insane reason I felt the need to just get-my-own-blog-already a year ago. I haven’t been horribly consistent about blogging during this year, like everything else in my life I seem to go in fits and bursts. I have enjoyed doing it though. It is a good outlet for me. I can write what I want, without concern that I am being self-centered (as would be my feeling if I just spouted this stuff on a message board). Other people actually read what I write sometimes too, which never ceases to give me warm fuzzies. I don’t get all that many comments, but Google Analytics tells me that there are some people reading anyway! As I am more of a lurker than a commenter when I read blogs, I can respect the lack of comments. Still, if you ever want to shout out to me, please do, I love seeing just treadmilling around emails telling me there is a new comment. Does that make me vain? Oh well, too bad if it does!


Meena said...

Happy early blogiversary (I'm OK w/the term :-)!!! A whole year? Time flies.

I for one enjoy reading your blog immensely. I get the opportunity to get another glimpse into your life that I may not be able to get in our little community due to, as you put it, not wanting to come off as self-centered.

Now when the heck are we going to Vegas??? :-)

Kate said...

Definitely a lurker - you're the only traveling working mom I know, so it helps to see someone else going through the same trials we are. Google Analytics and comment e-mails? I need to figure out how to do some of those with our family blog!